Aligning Individual Capability & Responsibility with Business Requirements

StepUp coaching services can help you increase both individual employee and business performance by understanding the link between individual employee competence and the effective communication of individual employee goals to the company's overall strategy.

StepUp business coaching services can assist you:

1. Undertake a skill gap analysis to:

  • Develop a plan for capabilities and resourcing requirements against short term and long term business plans
  • Determine skills which need to be acquired
  • Develop individual learning/training programs
  • Identify individuals for leadership development

2. Gain an understanding of the connection between individual employee performance and the overall goals of the business.

  • Retain the right capabilities for business success
  • Business capability arises from the use and application of an individual’s competence
  • Plan for future workforce changes

3. Understand the value of aligning culture and capability

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