Individual and Group Performance Coaching

StepUp offers clients individual and group performance coaching consultant services with the aim of achieving specific personal or business goals using a sensitive yet direct, personal and people focused approach.

Individual Performance

StepUp consultants offer one on one coaching to lead individuals to discover what they already know about themselves and provide guidance on how this knowledge impacts on an individual’s specific work tasks, objectives and overall performance.

StepUp consultants quickly develop the rapport required to lead individuals on a journey of discovery, self-awareness with the aim of improving an individual’s performance.

Group Performance

Our approach offers a safe environment for open discussion for group coaching sessions by bringing together a group committed to developing leadership skills as well as self-growth. Group performance coaching provides an opportunity to foster a positive culture to change and overall improved team performance.

Performance Coaching

StepUp coaches lead change for organisations and individuals as we help your team to maximise individual strengths, unite individual and collective strengths, learn how to resolve conflict constructively and deliver on their commitments.

Contact us today to discuss how performance coaching can improve individual and team contribution to achieve your business goals.