Conflict Resolution


Conflict Situations or Opportunities?

Participants will discover and practice a conflict resolution process to more successfully handle workplace conflict and turn them around to explore opportunities.

Duration: 2 days interactive 'face to face' training

Appropriate for individuals:

Who wish to more confidently deal with workplace conflict situations.

Learning Outcomes:

This fun interactive training program will give you the tools to help you and others how to more confidently deal with workplace conflict situations.

• Become more confident in handling interpersonal and common workplace conflict;
• Explore conflict resolution strategies;
• Discover the benefits and cost of conflict in the workplace or team;
• Identify your own preferred style of resolving conflict;
• Become aware of the different styles of resolving conflict;
• Debunk conflict language fundamentals;
• Delve into the steps of mediation and gain key mediation tips;and
• Successfully mediate conflict between two parties following a step-by-step process.

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