Managing People

Course overview

This two-day program is packed with fun and hands-on activities, that are designed to teach participants core management fundamentals that are essential for line managers and supervisors. These include setting clear objectives to monitoring performance to motivating your team, situational leadership and more. The program helps to teach key management concepts with a fun practice activity in each module. Each is designed to help you apply the concepts learned in a fun interactive manner. Additionally, as a wrap-up, participants get to practice what was learned in a skill practice activity as a part of reflection and review


2 days interactive fun 'face to face' training offering  adult collaborative learning;  real people, real networking.

Course Objectives

By the end of this training course participants will be able to:

  • Identify the personal qualities and skills of an effective manager/supervisor;
  • Recognize the importance of setting clear objectives and instructions to facilitate good performance;
  • Understand and implement the principle of Management by walking around (MBWA) to check that standards are being maintained through effective performance monitoring;
  • Identify methods for monitoring staff’s performance against both quantifiable as well as behavioural objectives;
  • Understand the importance of constructive feedback in maintaining performance standards;
  • Understand the key concept of situational leadership; and
  • Identify ways to motivate staff in the workplace.

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