Succession Planning

If succession is really important to you, and ‘chance’ isn’t how you operate, then planning, independent succession planning is a real-world approach for the continued growth and success of your business.

At StepUp our consulting services are designed to produce clear and accountable actions to ensure successors are ready to assume key positions in the organisation.

Our consultants focus on people and quality outcomes and work with you to:

  • Obtain an understanding of existing positions and current performance levels
  • Gap analysis of current positions and incumbents against business requirements
  • Identify and predict future leadership positions and identify which positions are critical
  • Aligning employees with future positions
  • Executing a plan to develop individuals based on assessed need
  • Identify internal qualification and skill gaps and develop a recruitment plan
  • Define success criteria and ensure alignment to short and long term business goals
  • Develop a Succession Plan that creates accountability, tools to implement and monitor so that the plan is sustainable over time

The development of a communication and change management strategy to support the process and the planning and then facilitating tailored career and skill development for identified individuals to prepare them for the future is typically how talent and succession management gives additional business value.

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