Talent Identification

There is a growing awareness that identifying and actively managing talent is an effective way of securing success as staff retention and improved individual and team performance are better in organisations where their talent is actively managed.

Talent Identification is an internal review of potential and establishing a path for personal and professional growth in order to take on additional roles, responsibilities and/or career progression.

StepUp consultants work with you to define what ‘talent’ means to your business or organisation. Is it:

  • Your workforce as talent?
  • Those in very senior positions or high up in technical fields; those people most drive the business’s performance?
  • Your staff who are rally solid good performers?
  • A mix of highly technical fields and strong performers or something else entirely?
  • Everyone has talent, everyone has potential?

Our process of consulting with your managers and leaders is specifically designed to understand what talent means for you.

We work with you to develop a talent identification and communication strategy to assist you;

  • In making sure you’re developing the right talent so as you don’t lose the talent
  • Ensure there is clarity for  your managers and leaders understanding and expectations of talent in your business
  • Current capability  any talent gaps in achieving short and long term goals are identified and real-world actions are known so as to achieve short and long term business goals.

Contact us today to discuss how our Talent Identification consulting services can help you achieve success.